Hamara Bazzar Epping

  • Location:Epping, VIC
  • Industry:Retail

Hamara Bazzar in Epping is a supermarket that specialises in Indian and Sri Lankan food products, groceries, spices and more. In this project, we had to work with the designers, AMATO Design, to install lights that met a specific power efficiency, colour temperature and overall ambience. We were also able to secure a further budget reduction without compromising the lighting levels.

In this project, we used the 3Cct track lighting together with 25W VBLTL-450 Luminaire. The 25W luminaire was used to comfortably highlight the shelving and the products on it. Since these lights are on a track system, it also allows the lighting fixtures to be repositioned when the product display instore is updated. We used the 40 watt LED 5k Skyline at the front of counter. The lights ensure adequate illumination in the point of sale area, which makes it easier for the staff and customers to complete purchases, and for security cameras to record it too.

The client was extremely pleased with our choice of lighting fixtures for this project, since it also significantly reduced the overall power consumption. Additionally, they did a great job of enhancing the instore ambience, which directly impacted the customer experience too.