There are a number of government incentives available for you to complete energy efficiency upgrades that save you money on your electricity bills. The programs cover a range on upgrades including upgrading your old lights to LED. Two of the largest programs are the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU - formally known at the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or VEET) and the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS). We have partnered with Wattly, who is an accredited person (AP) under these programs, to allow you to create certificates when completing an eligible upgrade. Lighting upgrade to LEDs are one of the easiest and most common activities under the incentive programs and apply to many types of lighting, e.g. metal halide and mercury vapour highbays, fluorescent tubes, floodlights, CFL shop lights, halogen downlights, are the most common.
In Victoria and New South Wales, there is an obligation on the energy retailers to purchase a certain number of certificates each year based on how much electricity or gas they sell. Certificates represent one tonne of greenhouse gas that has not been emitted by implementing an energy efficient upgrading and decommissioning the old technology. By selling the certificates to the energy retailers, Wattly is able to provide a rebate on the installation once it has been completed and the correct evidence submitted to help offset the cost of the upgrade to the end customer. It is the responsibility of the AP to ensure all upgrade are compliant with the rules and regulations of the schemes that are administered by the ESC in Victoria and IPART in NSW.
Ozlite has partnered with Wattly as our AP to offer you easy access to funding through these programs and many of our products are already approved to claim certificates.
For more information on the rebates available and how to access them, please contact us today.
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